1984, Istabul

In her early years, Oskay interpreted the works of great masters of modern art while studying popular culture. These artists range from Mondrian to Matisse, from Picasso to Gauguin and absorbed and appropriated  the works of these artists and has brought popular art to the agenda with an original point of view.. In the later periods ,besides the interpretation of popular works of art, she has  produced a series of works on the problematic of how popular images created an  awareness in contemporary life and transformed into artwork in an interactive manner. In the last period,, the artist has entered into a long period of research and made efforts in order to move to new horizons her prevıous works .It is the effort to reproduce  her feelings, inspiration and her  individual signs in a minimalistic way. The artist is now in the process of interpreting her own art  by cutting, destroying and re-composing her old paintings under the influence of the inevitable nature of artistic change with a method that the result can not  be predicted.. This change in her paintings is based on the 'uncontrolled' co-existence in  'controlled' creation.

After the accidental and  close framings received from the artist's own works,  achieved.the abstract art. Abstract; It is transformed into a part of  abstraction  in Oskay's paintings. Action and  reaction and change are inevitable in the art . These phenomena  are the most important requirements for art to move forward.  According to Oskay; foreseeing the future art is possible only by determining the coordinates and intersection points of the artists who have directed the art, and  a new route  can be made accordingly.  Her  Works have  been exhibited at many national and international exhibitions, and her works appear in various museums and collections.